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Organization designed to add capabilities in a flexible and scalable cross structure.



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ADEQUA Real Estate, is a management platform that takes advantage of a diligent Executive Team incorporating two fundamental boards: Executive Committee and Advisory Committee, an a business structured throughout two basic activities: Asset Management and Investments, for the management and acquisition of new investments respectively.

The organisational structure and positioning of the firm can offer integrated asset management from acquisition, procurement and planning stages, until transition to portfolio for future management and disposal.





ADEQUA Real Estate , as a link between capital and asset, serving as a partner and investment platform promoting strategic proprietary lines of business as well as upon investor request, with the objective of preserving capital and maximise the return to the investor.

New investments have a focus on professional institutional clients and are principally targeted to capital managers and specialised fund managers.

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Asset Management

ADEQUA Real Estate offers true comprehensive asset management acting across the entire value chain, from concept to management, positioning itself as a key market asset manager.

Our services are directed and focused to asset rich entities and companies such as: Family Offices y Spv's, Funds, Public and Private Corporates, or Financial Institutions in need to:

- Provide value add to their assets in order to extract or increase the value of their real estate holdings.

- Implement a re-positioning of the asset when is technically and/or commercially obsolete.

- Or simply for those valuing the need to engage a professional team with management capabilities for their portfolio base.

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